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Project Graduation   A How-To Manual

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Tips for Finance/Fundraising Committees

Consider incorporating your Project Graduation as a nonprofit organization so that donations from local businesses will be tax deductible.

Visit your local Chamber of Commerce and ask them to contact their membership for donations.

Contact local fast food chains for donations of money and/or food and drinks.

Decorate coffee cans or shoe boxes with the high school's colors and emblems and place them in nearby stores and restaurants for collections.

Ask parents to solicit donations from civic organizations to which they belong.

Have seniors and their parents collect newspapers, bottles, and aluminum cans to raise money.

Donate leftover funds as "seed" money for next year's Project Graduation, for a scholarship, or to purchase a gift for the school from the senior class.

Entertainment Committee

The entertainment committee is responsible for gathering senior input on themes and activities, selecting and securing facilities, making arrangements for entertainers and events, and working with the other committees.

Gathering Senior Input

After a decision has been made about the desirability of a theme, the entertainment committee should conduct a Senior Survey, if possible, to assure that the night's activities are attractive to the senior class (review the sections on Themes and Activities and see the "Sample Senior Survey" in the back section). If you opt to have a theme, design the Senior Survey so that the activity choices reflect the mood of the theme.

Selecting and Securing Facilities

There are many factors to consider when selecting and securing facilities. First, if activities throughout the night are to take place at various locations,you will not want members of the senior class to provide their own transportation. Ask your community to donate free use of buses for the evening, or ask the school to donate the use of school buses. Remember that the drivers will need to be paid, unless they are willing to donate their services to Project Graduation.

Other considerations, when selecting facilities are safety, convenience, and price. The members of the entertainment committee should ask themselves these questions:

  • What are the fire regulations concerning the selected locations?
  • Are there possible hazards that should be addressed?
  • Do the facilities have the storage refrigeration, or cooking units that will be needed by the food committee?
  • Do the facilities have public address systems, or at least the proper electrical outlets for microphones and speaker?
  • Could the use of the facilities be donated by the owners, or paid for by a civic group or business?
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