Project Graduation ideasProject Graduation ideas
Project Graduation ideas
Project Graduation ideas
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Project Graduation ideas
Project Graduation ideas MANUAL
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Project Graduation ideas   A How-To Manual

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Target Audience: Student Body

Here are some of the ways the PR committee might publicize Project Graduation to students. The committee might decide to use some or all of these suggestions - or create their own!

  • Ask the principal if various popular seniors can make announcements about the party on the public address system.
  • Make Project Graduation flyers available at the school's sporting and social events.
  • Ask the principal if the student body president can make an announcement at the Junior/Senior Prom, at graduation rehearsal, and at the graduation ceremony.
  • Check with the principal about displaying Project Graduation prizes in a showcase at the high school.
  • Have a senior on the paper staff write a monthly column in the school newspaper that describes the party plans as they develop.
  • Print buttons to hand out to seniors when they buy tickets - "Project Graduation - The Greatest Party for the Great Class of 20_."
  • Release helium balloons at school as part of your publicity campaign during lunch.
  • Ask establishments popular with seniors if they will display Project Graduation promotional posters.
  • Have the celebration date publicized on the school's athletic calendar.

    Target Audience: The Community

    Good relations within the community will enhance the success of Project Grad. Here is some information on how to build good relations in the community through the media, civic groups, and businesses.

  • Make sure your news releases and public service announcements are typed and double-spaced on one side of 8 by 11 paper. Include the name, address, and phone number of a person to contact for more information. To let the editor know when your copy ends use this mark- ###. For an example of a news release, refer to the back of this information.
  • When promoting your Project Graduation to the media, try to make appointments with local newspaper editors, TV news directors, and radio station managers. Give them a news release, a list of statistics about teenage drinking, drugging, and driving, and any other information they might be able to use. You might also ask them to write or broadcast an editorial in favor of Project Grad.
  • Public service announcements (PSAs) for community nonprofit groups are often aired on radio and TV at no charge. In addition to a news release describing Project Graduation and a fact sheet, give TV and radio stations a very short PSA announcement that they can read over the air. "Sample PSA" may be found with this information.
  • Encourage TV and radio stations to provide live coverage of Project Grad. Coverage of the event will let the entire community share the fun, and it will encourage undergraduate students to organize a Project Graduation when they become seniors.
  • Offer the chairperson, principal, or student body president to local radio and TV talk shows for interviews on Project Grad.
  • Contact civic groups and offer the Project Graduation chairperson,principal, or student body president as a speaker at any upcoming meetings.
  • Consider using billboard space to promote Project Grad. Local businesses might help the publicity committee rent the space if the owners won't donate it.
  • Ask local businesses with "reader boards" to put up signs a week before graduation promoting the party.
  • Contact the leaders of the other committees or the Project Grad chairperson to obtain a complete list of all businesses and civic organizations who have donated merchandise, services, equipment, or facilities. Send them notes of appreciation immediately after Project Graduation to ensure good community relations for next year's Project Grad.
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