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Project Graduation ideas
Project Graduation ideas
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Project Graduation ideas
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Project Graduation ideas   A How-To Manual

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Clean Up Committee

It is the job of the clean up committee to, of course, clean up after Project Graduation is over. Since you will need some sleep first, it's best to schedule clean up duty for the night after Project Grad. Here are someways to prepare for the post-party tidying:

  • Check with the decorations committee to find out what supplies and tools the clean up committee will need to bring. Also ask if any of the decorations are to be saved for future Project Grads.
  • Find out from the food committee what arrangements have been made to donate leftover food to a charitable organization.
  • Go to the facilities ahead of time and find out where the light switches are, what types of cleaning surfaces will be involved, etc.
  • Ask the entertainment committee exactly what the owners of the facilities expect you to do. Can you leave plastic bags of trash in a certain area for pick up or will you be expected to take the trash with you? Are you to clean the restrooms, or will the regular custodian stake care of that duty? What should you do with the keys after cleanup?
  • Provide many large trash cans around the party so that students will dispose of their own trash. This will save the clean up committee a great deal of work.

    Rules for Adult Volunteers

    When the members of the chaperone/rules committee are preparing the list of rules for students to follow at Project Graduation, they may also want to establish some basic rules for adult volunteers who will be working at the party. Several successful Project Grads have communicated these two rules to volunteers:

  • All volunteers are expected to be alcohol-and drug-free upon arrival,and to remain alcohol-and drug-free while at Project Grad.
  • Volunteers are asked to leave Project Graduation after their shifts are over to avoid having too many adults at the party. It's important for everyone to feel that Project Graduation is a party for seniors.

    Rules for Seniors

    The use or possession of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed.

  • A student possessing, using, or showing the effects of chemicals will be held in the party sick room until a parent or guardian arrives to pickup the student.
  • Students will not be admitted to Project Graduation if they arrive after a certain time. Exceptions must be cleared with the Project Graduation chairperson.
  • Any students who leave the party early must sign out. They will not be readmitted under any circumstances. (Chaperones at some Project Graduation call the parents of students who leave early to let them know that the students are on the road). If a student must go to a car for any reason, a male chaperone will accompany the student to the vehicle and back to the party.

    Take Some Advice!

    According to graduating seniors, Project Graduation is always a smashing success. They have reported that their parties have been more fun than any in the history of their schools. In many communities, chemical-free celebrations have become a legacy, with secrets for great planning passed from one class to the next. In other areas, Project Graduation type parties are a relatively new tradition, having been in place for only a few years. If your class has never experienced Project Graduation, take the advice of your generation - and get on board!

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