Project Graduation ideasProject Graduation ideas
Project Graduation ideas
Project Graduation ideas
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Project Graduation ideas
Project Graduation ideas MANUAL
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Project Graduation ideas   A How-To Manual

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Project Graduation Timeline Form

Task/Activity Responsibility Resources Needed Date Completed
Review data from finalsurvey Present results to seniorclass Establish committees:Five students, one adult Music, Food, Prizes,Place, Treasurer,Volunteers (parents,students) Media coverage, Photographer,Transportation
  • Fund Raising Activity Announce money made and needed
  • Advisor(s), students,parents, community Newsprint, markers, typist,copier, phone numbers,deadlines Adequate supervision Adequate help Media coverage Photographer with black and white film  
  • Meet with each committee to ascertain their needs,if any.
  • Final payment to facility, band, caterers,photographer.
  • Confirm commitment of volunteers for the participation.
  • Confirm photographer for the participation and the parting.
  • Advisor(s)


    Advisor(s) and adult chairing volunteer com.

    Advisor(s) and chairperson of photography committee

    Money and amounts

    Names and phone numbers

    Names and phone numbers

    Final Committee Meetings
  • Confirm all jobs completed
  • Jobs not completed to be assigned
  • Assign jobs to volunteers for participation
  • Advisor(s), all committees Job list for the night of participation  
    III. Implementing Setting up facility
  • Food tables
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Decorations
  • Facility contact person People from set-up committee Key to facility Tablecloths, napkins,plates, cups, decorations  
    Arrange for buses Chaperones
  • Parents of underclassmen
  • Teachers
  • Members of local school/community team
  • Community people
  • Schedule

    These people need to know what time their shifts are, what their duties will be, and how they should dress. They also need to be clear about delivering and modeling a no-use message for the participants.

  • Set up chairperson to contact transportation direct, volunteer coordinator Buses Names and phone numbers




    Training of chaperones

  • No songs which glorify use
  • Play what students want
  • Entertainment chairperson
    Coordinates with facility contact person to let band in and set up
    List of appropriate bands  
    IV. Parting Ceremony
  • Facility
  • Time
  • Activity
  • Who attends
  • Advisor and senior class representatives Facility  

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